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KanseiGenie Cloning Documentation

Listed below are documents to aid administrators installing KanseiGenie software at new testbeds.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance in cloning and federating testbeds. Current development is focusing on 1) making an installation much simpler to customize and configure to a particular site, and 2) creating a virtual machine image for rapid deployment to enable easier federation of testbeds and classroom usage.

The KanseiGenie Software Suite (KSS) consist of the following modules, available for download at http://kansei.cse.ohio-state.edu/Downloads/Packages/.

Full Installation Instructions - Instructions for using the automated installation scripts are in the "Full Installation Instructions" section, otherwise, detailed installation instructions for each module may be found by clicking the module names below.

  1. Portal Cloning Documentation - Portal provides the user interaction services, implemented using PHP/Smarty running on Apache web server.
  2. KanseiGenie Director Cloning Documentation - The core AAM functionality and interfaces, implemented using Perl at Tier 3.
  3. Webservices Cloning Documentation - Standards based external interface for the KanseiGenie Director, implememted using JBOSS at Tier 3.
  4. Aggregate Managers Cloning Documentation: The Aggregate Managers component of KanseiGenie operates at Tier 2, below the KanseiGenie Director, but above the individual motes. The Aggregate Managers code has been ported to run on Intel Stargate and LinuxPC devices. Eventually Aggregate Managers will be ported to run on smaller mote classes, such as smartphones.
    • Stargate Director Cloning Documentation - Implements the Aggregate Manager Tier 2 interfaces using an Intel Stargate. Source files are written in Perl, Python and C.
    • LinuxPC Director Cloning Documentation - Implements the Aggregate Manager Tier 2 interface using a Ubuntu Linux PC. If you are installing all of KanseiGenie on a single PC, please use the LinuxPC Director instead of the Stargate Director.
  5. Orca Cloning for KanseiGenie - ORCA is a component of KanseiGenie that uses the GENI ORCA control framework for scheduling and ticketing. If ORCA is not installed, an option in the Portal.ini configuration file will allow an administrator to bypass ORCA until the testbed is fully federated with the ORCA resource reservation system.
  6. LPCD User Tools Documentation - User Tools are services which are used by the Aggregate Manager to provide various services like logging and data injection to the users. These are usually platform specific and hence packaged separately. If you want to exfiltrate data from your sensor network you should install the User Tools to enable the "TinyOS Serial Forwarder".
Module Test Documentation - Describes several tests for individual modules before integrated test of all the modules.

Topology Choices Documentation - Incomplete documentation on how to connect mote array fabrics in different hierarchies to KanseiGenie.

Benchtop miniArray Kit Documentation - Developer notes on changes that were made in constructing the BAK virtual machine image.

Each of the above modules are available as individual packages and can be installed seperately on different machines. However, each package contains an installation script that assumes the modules are all being installed on one computer. If you plan to install modules on different computers, please refer to the individual documentation for each section.

The current version of KSS supports the following platforms:
The packages are available from the secure link at http://kansei.cse.ohio-state.edu/KanseiGenie/Downloads/Packages/